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API News

Using credit card secure_token on Step 3

@juliang wrote: Hi, I'm developing the hotels integration.In step 3 of the booking process, the payment information is sent, as explained in the following post: ...

Problem to finish a hotel booking

@dallasmage wrote: I'm tring to finish a hotel booking request (, but when i try to send ...

Hotel booking in Sandbox Mode - Error 4000

@juliang wrote: Hi, I'm trying to implement a full hotel booking with a Sandbox API Key, by following the instructions in this post /v3/hotels/bookings - Create a...

POST /v3/hotels/reservations/{id}/operations - Create a request operation (ie. Cancellation request) wrote: /v3/hotels/reservations/{id}/operations - Create a request operation (ie. Cancellation request). Create a request operation for reservation id Modify a reserv...

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